The Love for Make-Believe and Unnecessary Propaganda 

By Simeon Nwakaudu Despite the danger posed by coronavirus, it has become the source of make-believe and unnecessary propaganda for the ruling party and her associates. Rather than take direct measures to check the escalation of the ailment, all you see are people struggling to enjoy bragging rights. The truth is that the nation must find a common ground to prevent coronavirus from spreading. Let’s be truthful to ourselves, there are no facilities to treat the disease in Nigeria. If the developed countries with their facilities and medical proficiency are working hard to check the spread of coronavirus, then that is simply the way to go for now. Those who post pictures of bags of rice, tin- tomatoes, groundnut oil, hospital beds and tents as the ultimate are merely enjoying ephemeral benefits. The only medicine for now is to protect the population. If very stringent measures were taken after the index case by those posting pictures of bags of rice and hospital beds in tents, we would be in this difficult position as a country. For a population of about 15 million people, how many would be accommodated in those tents for treatment if there is an explosion of infection? How many persons got the bags of rice or tin-tomatoes displayed on social media? How many communities got relief materials from those basking on social media and claiming high grounds in the face of national danger? These guys are yet to understand the drawbacks of propaganda after they foisted on us a national disadvantage in 2015. This world of make-believe adds no advantage to the country. Imagine some activists singing the praise of a governor who presides of a displaced persons state sustained by relief materials. In such a state, relief materials and tragedy are part of daily life. If the said governor donates relief materials in an IDP camp, they want the rest of us to lose sleep. Aside the unnecessary propaganda of relief materials and tents is the politics of donation, purchase of tents and federal grants. It is shocking that other states were not considered in the first tranche of grant by the Federal Government. If it is said that Lagos as the most impacted state deserves N10BILLION, then all other states deserve some form direct interventions from the Federal Government. If any grant comes out, then it is an afterthought. It was not on the drawing board. If under this deadly threat of coronavirus political consideration still holds sway, then you understand what states like Rivers State suffer. They have no representatives at the Federal Decision making point. Forget the grandstanding and name dropping. That brings me to the issue of donations as support for the fight against coronavirus. Some APC members argue that Rivers State Government shouldn’t solicit funds. But Lagos State can get contributions and have banks develop Isolation Centres for them . Even the Federal Government has requested for donations to assist it tackle coronavirus. The fight against coronavirus is a joint task for the the public and private sectors. That these guys continue to play the Ostrich is one of the reasons Nigeria remains grounded. How on earth do they think that what is good for Lagos State should be denied Rivers State? It is even more disappointing that those who promote this anti-Rivers agenda are either Rivers Indigenes or those who do business or live in the state. They throw up all manners of explanations to justify the exclusion of Rivers State from such interventions and support. They blame the victim. They insult the Rivers State Governor. In fact, if you want to grow in the APC, you must prove your capacity by insulting Governor Wike. Find avenues to highlight you capacity to be unreasonable at all times. All the banks and some corporate that are rushing to expend resources in Lagos , with no presence in other states of the Federation where they get revenue. In a state like Rivers State, all major banks and corporations have countless branches and operational facilities where they generate funds. With the Presidential address, Governor Wike has been vindicated for taking very profound steps to protect Rivers people. Agreed, the steps are tough, but it is for the good of Rivers people. Nothing is perfect, but steps must be taken to check the spread of coronavirus. Several other states have emulated Governor Wike by shutting their boundaries to visitors. With the Federal Government taking it a notch higher for FCT, Lagos and Ogun States, those who eke out a living by insulting Governor Wike will continue to have sleepless nights. A man of vision is a man of conviction. A leader who has the interest of Rivers State at heart, Governor Wike acted when others were too scared to make a decision. This fight to save Nigeria is beyond make-believe and unnecessary propaganda. We have only one duty, to ensure that our country defeats coronavirus. Any other game of “notice-me” should be disregarded.Original Article


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