The Issue of Growing Stigmatization Over Covid-19

Covid-19: is a novel corona virus infection which is highly contagious. However, it is not a death sentence. Because it is novel and borders on health & security issues both the WHO & governments have been grappling on how best using evidence based measures to mitigate its effects and reduce its risks.

We should all understand that it’s not an easy task to balance these. Hence the universal fears that attended most reactions across the world.
Both the fear and stigma are fueling the spread of the infection in our communities. To this effect, we would highlight what the US Governments Center for Disease Control had concluded based on scientific evidence on Corona virus transmission:
1. Very low risk of transmission from surfaces
2. Very low risk from outdoor activities.
3. Very high risk from gatherings in enclosed spaces like offices, religious places, cinema halls or theaters.
It is therefore safe to report that Covid-19 spreads mainly through close contact from person to person.

The virus travels through the droplets a person produces when talking or coughing. An individual does not need to be sick or show symptoms to spread the submicroscopic virus.
From the above write up, we see that it is imperative for each one of us to keep to the standard the Government has provided in keeping social distancing, wearing of face mask always and also washing our hands or applying sanitizers to our hands if we are unable to wash them.

This however should not be a cause for alarm but precautionary measures to ensure that we keep our family, friends, and ourselves safe and healthy free from Covid-19.

Finally we should also remember that some family members or friends would have had the virus and might have been admitted to the isolation centers, but that does not mean they should be ostracized. It means that if we are not told we might never know those who are already carriers of the virus hence, we should think everyone a suspect and protect ourselves always by following laid out rules:

• Cough or sneeze into your elbow and ensure you use a tissue and dispose properly
• Wash your hands with soap and water always or use Sanitizers
• Wear you face mask always
• Keeping social distancing

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