Free Special Skills Acquisition Training 2.0


In the month of August 2020 another Special Free Skills Acquisition Training was organized by Her Excellency the Deputy Governor of Rivers State in collaboration with the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Region 5. A total of 1117 Degema youths successfully completed the 3 weeks training. The skills they learned included Fashion and Design, Hair dressing, Barbing, Paint Making, Shoe Making, Catering, Ankara Making, Bead Making, Decoration and Soap Making.

The program started by 10 am on August 24th, 2020 with an orientation and prayer session. Souls were saved and the Lord was highly glorified. There was great joy as the event commenced.

1,117 Persons undertook the 3 weeks training in 10 different skills. Facilitators came in from Port- Harcourt and resided in the Local Government Area for the duration of the skills acquisition training. Details of the participants are as follows:

1.      ANKARA CRAFT    55 Persons
2.      BARBING      135 Persons
3.      BEAD MAKING     85 Persons
4.      CATERING        154 Persons
5.      DECORATION      54 Persons
6.      FASHION DESIGN  154 Persons
7.      HAIR DRESSING   138 Persons
8.      HOME HYGIENIC PRODUCTS  110 Persons
9.      PAINT MAKING    57 Persons

10.    SHOE MAKING     174 Persons


As promised, on the 30th of October, the coordinator of the program from Redeemed Christian Church of God Region 5 Pastor Mrs. Obunge and her team visited some of the students as a follow up to the training in order to ascertain how well they have used the skills learned. It was a pleasant surprise to find that most of the participants had set up Barbing salons, hair salons in their homes. While some others had gone ahead and started supplying snacks to shops, some others have started off their decoration business in their community. She was so excited to note that the students were actually listening to their instructors during the training, For they had been advised not to despise the days of little beginnings,these pictures below tell a thousand stories