Nigerians can now understand the chaotic and disruptive nature of the embattled Minister of Transportation, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi.
With his huge financial war chest, he is moving from Court to Court, shopping for judgment to enthrone his boy as Acting National Chairman of APC.
Pray, what about the Deputy National Chairman? Is the Court not aware that APC has such position? We heard that Victor Gaidom resigned and was fielded as a Deputy Governorship Candidate of APC in Rivers State. When did he return to the APC National Working Committee.

But do you expect the judges to ask critical questions. When you hear that a matter was granted ex parte, it simply means one big guy has cornered the judge to do his bid, without placing the person on notice.

It is unfortunate that the Judiciary now works like shoprite.
No respect for the law. Otherwise, how can an FCT High Court challenge the Court of Appeal?

Before the end of today, Amaechi may be seen in another court , a Sharia or Customary Court, pleading that Oshiomhole be sacked and his boy appointed National Chairman.

The courts have lost its shame. A former Deputy National Secretary will approach a court to make him an Acting National Chairman and the Court agrees. Even town unions will be appalled by this disregard for the rule of law

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